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Product Suppliers    
primaloftPrimaLoft® is the leader in fiber research and development for high performance insulations and yarns. PrimaLoft® Insulation, originally developed for the U.S. Army as a water resistant alternative to down, is globally recognized as the world’s best synthetic insulation. PrimaLoft® is warmer, drier, and softer, than any other synthetic insulation.
Victor Group  
victorVictor Group is a diverse Canadian textile manufacturer with locations in Quebec, Massachusetts, and New York City. .  Founded in 1947 Victor has been a one ofthe leading suppliers of quality woollen and worsted blends for apparel and specialty markets.  Family-owned Victor continues to thrive on the strength of its service, innovation, design expertise, and leadership in sustainability.
cobraSnap Fasteners- Cobra was founded in 1977, with the aim of becoming a focal point in the manufacture of metal buttons, hardware and fashion accessories.The key notes in their continual rise in popularity are innovation, high quality, continual experimentation in custom-made products and sensitivity to new trends.
DOT Fasteners  
dotWhen strength and durability are essential... there's no attachment stronger than a DOT fastener. Heavy duty construction, uniform engineering, and adherence to the strictest specifications have made DOT Fasteners the number one choice of the world's leading marine and industrial product manufacturers for over 80 years.
ITW Nexus  
itw-nexusHaving patented the world’s first Side Release buckle over 30 years ago, ITW Nexus has a rich history in providing cutting edge component solutions. Today ITW Nexus is focused on providing products and solutions that are faster to assemble and easier for the retail customer to use.
Scovill Apparel  
schovillFrom high fashion to infants wear, career apparel, to designer Jeanswear, leather product and sporting goods, Scovill snap fasteners meet the demands of today’s market application requirements for quality, durability and delivered value. Scovills legacy began in America in 1802. Today Scovill is on the world’s largest and most recognized brands in the fastener industry.
Rentex Mills  
Crentexonnecting “Form” with “Function”in Masterfully Innovative Ways. Founded in 1964, Rentex Mills, Inc.has established its reputation of being both creative andingenious in not only surviving, but thriving within a difficult global environment. Far from "new" to the textile business, Rentex was way ahead of its competition when the company moved into high performance/technical fabrics decades ago.
ririThe one stop shop for luxury zippers .  A unique and wide range of accessories for garments and leather-goods. QUALITY – CREATIVITY – SERVICE – MARKET POSITIONING – EXPERIENCE
Scholler Textiles  
schollerSchoeller AG is headquartered in Sevelen, Switzerland with international operations. The company specializes in the development and manufacturing of innovative fabrics andsmart textile technologies. Schoeller innovations are leading in a number of niche markets worldwide. Schoeller AG continues to be a family owned company and was established in 1867.
ITW Waterbury  
itcITW Waterbury Buckle has manufactured metal hardware for over 135 years. The company maintains a reputation for the highest quality workmanship across a wide range of products to satisfy stringent specifications and quality control standards
JOPEVI S.L. began its activity in 1969, as workshop that repaired machinery for footwear. Later it began to manufacture its own machines specializing in the machinery for setting grommets and eyelets. Today Jopevi is seen as an industry leader when it comes to automatic attaching equipment for Eyelets and grommets.
Prym Fashion  
prymPrym Fashion is a division of the Prym Group and provides fastening systems and accessories to customers in the rapidly changing garment and textile industries. Thanks to their market expertise built up over generations, they produce a wide range of exceptionally reliable fasteners, including press fasteners, jeans buttons and rivets, eyelets and washers, for every application.
Halley Stevensons

schollerHalley Stevensons are specialist manufacturers of Waxed and OiledCottons, with proven expertise and years of experience developing new, and refining traditional waxed cotton finishes, all to the highest quality and performance standards. As this unique fabric has moved beyond the traditional waxed jacket, and into new and exciting markets around the world, their product range has adapted and expanded – offering a bespoke product to match any design.